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We can all be part of making the Safe at Work Policy a reality. Whether you want a better future for every workplace, for a company you run, work in the insurance industry or know people who do, you can help make this vision of equity happen. Here's how:

Take Action


We're looking to reach so many people with this idea that it becomes a movement, and especially folks who make decisions about insurance coverage (CFOs, Legal Council, Risk Managers, HR, etc.) as well as Employee Resource Groups. Share the site and tag people who can help:


If you work in the Insurance industry, we can discuss the endorsement and provide information on why it's needed. The first insurance company that provides this policy will make a mint, but we need internal champions to make the case.


One of the most challenging components to generating systemic change is presenting irrefutable, overwhelming data. If you have access to unique data on workplace harassment, or have a knack for working with data and want to volunteer, please get in touch.


We'll keep you updated on events and additional opportunities to get involved - you can sign up to receive updates here, and your information will be kept private, only used for the purpose of keeping you informed.


If you make decisions for your company about insurance coverage, you can help by demanding that your EPLI prioritize the wellbeing of your employees. You can email your insurance broker about EPLI and demand better; reach out and we can help you through that process.  



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